Based in Christchurch and looking to grow across New Zealand, Ionic Watercare Ltd have a team of five employees and contractors who along with our IANZ accredited supplier partners are committed to delivering the highest levels of service and products available in our industry.  We are proud to offer the following water treatment services, products and hardware systems.


  • Cooling Tower Water Analysis
  • Boiler Water Analysis
  • Industrial Influent, Process & Effluent Water Analysis
  • IANZ Accredited Laboratory Liquid & Solids Chemistry Analysis
  • IANZ Accredited Laboratory Bacterial Analysis
  • Industrial Water Corrosion Monitoring & Assessment
  • Chemical Cleaning



Rooftop plant


  • Industry Approved Cooling Tower / Evaporative Condenser Water Treatment
  • Industry Approved Steam Boiler / Hot Water Boiler Water Treatment
  • Effluent / Waste Water Treatment
  • Acid & Alkali Cleaners


Hardware Systems

  • Water Treatment
    Management Controllers
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Boiler Water Systems
  • Pasteuriser Systems
  • pH Controllers
  • Water Softeners
  • Demineralisers
  • UV Sterilisers
  • Chlorination
  • RO Membranes
  • Chemical Application